7 tips to help you Stay on track with your meal plan during the Holidays.

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1. Share with the host that you are focusing on your diet and let them know beforehand. This allows both you and the host to work together to provide food options that are in alignment with your goals. If your host doesn’t know your intention, they may not be able to accommodate you. Better yet, offer to bring food options that you can eat.

2. If you are attending a party, eat normally throughout the day. Don’t skip meals thinking you are going to “save up” for the evening. If possible, plan to eat a small meal before heading out. This allows you to feel full, eat less and be tempted less when around foods you would like to not indulge.

3. Be your own host. Hosting your own party allows you to be in control of the foods you share with others. Most people today appreciate intending to eat healthier food options and you might be surprised about the “positive” response.

4. Avoid or limit the Alcohol. Since many diets are encouraging people to consume less sugar and when we tend to drink, we also tend to indulge more. Instead bring or ask for sparkling water and add lemon or lime. It works great and you feel a whole lot better in the morning.

5. Focus on the people around you and not the food. Engage with conversation and focus on being present with others rather than the food. Being mindful of your intention allows us to focus on what we choose to create. Good conversation, Great Connection with others.

6. Be good to yourself. Remember you have set an intention on healthier choices which means a better you. Be kind to yourself and know by staying on track, you are giving yourself the best gift of all-better health.

7. Don’t beat yourself up! Everyone slips up now and then. But beating yourself up doesn’t help you to stay on track. If you chose to indulge, just remember tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to jump right back on to your program and keep the momentum.

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