Juror #3 by James Patterson

Diana Ross
May 18, 2018
THE Ultimate Pandemic Sim Game
December 4, 2018

Why read? Reading puts you in the story and takes you out of your everyday life. You can become the hero, the heroine, the lover or whoever you want to be. you can solve the mystery or become the villain. James Patterson’s novels show you the best of people as well as the worst of people. As you follow Alex Cross, a police psychologist, you encounter and become part of the story. Your adrenaline increases and you cannot put the books down. Cross’s new book “The 3rd Juror” is about a young attorney trying not only her first case but finds out it is a Murder 1 case. You can become the attorney and experience the ups and downs of our justice system. Movies are great, however you are watching someone else experience the characters rolls. With a book you are the focus. Please click on the link below to get this amazing book today!


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